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GWI Entertainment analyzes the very latest figures for engagement with online music, video and gaming across our 34 markets.

By analyzing the online entertainment industry globally, as well as on a market-by-market level, this report contains in-depth analysis on the popularity of various forms of online entertainment, as well as the numbers who are paying for this content.

This report also looks in detail at the most popular entertainment brands online. From YouTube to Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music, we examine the reach of these services and the competition they face.

As well as considering what devices are used to access online entertainment, the broad popularity of second-screening and the state of the gaming industry, this report takes a look at how brands can use entertainment to engage consumers.

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The numbers engaging with online entertainment, including music, video and games

Cross Device Behaviours

The role that PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets are playing in online entertainment


Profiling the state of online music and video streaming, as well as which platforms are performing best


The popularity of PC, mobile and console gaming as well as the most sought-after console brands

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