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GWI Social - Q2 2014

GWI Social is GlobalWebIndex’s quarterly report on the latest global trends in social platform usage. In this edition we draw on data from our Q1 2014 wave of research, released in April 2014, to:

  • Identify the most popular social networks in 2014, looking at account ownership, visitor numbers, active usage and estimated audience sizes
  • Track the fastest growing social networks and apps over the last six months
  • Quantify the importance of mobiles, tablets and messaging services to social networking
  • Examine networking by age, with a special focus on the behaviors of teens and 16-24s

In this summary version, we provide the key headlines and statistics from the report.

GWI Social: Q2 2014

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Jason Mander, Head Of Trends

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Jason Mander
Head Of Trends, GlobalWebIndex


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