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Social Media Engagement: Q1 2015

Much of the discussion surrounding social networks focuses on the all-important MAU (monthly active user). This GlobalWebIndex report goes beyond this simple metric to analyze social media engagement from numerous angles.

Some key headlines include:

  • Across GWI’s 32 countries, there are now over 1 billion active social networkers among the internet population aged 16-64.
  • But while PCs/laptops are declining in importance, mobiles and tablets are both driving growth.
  • Multi-networking is flourishing, with the average internet user having 5 accounts and using 3 each month.
  • Facebook can claim that its active users are accessing its platform more frequently than networkers of any other platform.
GWI Social Media Engagement Q1 2015

In this summary version, we present some of the key findings and figures.

Download the report summary for free:

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