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M-Commerce: Q1 2015

PCs and laptops still dominate the world of e-commerce but, as smartphones become ever more integral to daily life, mobile commerce remains in the ascendancy. This GWI report takes a detailed look at the current state of m-commerce, at the most enthusiastic demographics and markets and at the future prospects for buying via mobiles.

Some key headlines include:

  • Over a third (36%) of online adults purchased a product via their mobile last month.
  • 4 in 10 internet users aged 16-64 visit an online store via the mobile web each month.
  • Young internet users are driving the growth of m-commerce; 4 in 10 16-24s are using a mobile to shop online each month.
  • Compared to PCs/laptops, mobiles have a higher percentage of users who research rather than buy products.
GWI M-Commerce Q1 2015

In this summary version, we present some of the key findings and figures.

Download the report summary for free:

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